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Initial Octocopter Testing – Image Acquisition

The LASERS Lab collected data from its new Octocopter UAV for this first time yesterday afternoon. We collected a series of images over a tree previously scanned with our Leica ScanStation 2 Terrestrial Lidar Sensor. While we determining the best multispectral sensor for our UAV we decided to collect some test images utilizing several iPhones attached to the UAV’s gyroscopically stabilized gimbal system. Our data collection methodology is far from perfected, but the results look promising. The initial image acquisition flight has allowed us to become more familiar… Read More →

ASPRS Meeting – Guest Speaker Jeremiah Johnson | Unmanned Aerial Systems For Geospatial Data Collection In Private Industry

Hey Everyone! Our first get together for the semester will be this coming Thursday (November 7th) at 5:00 pm. The meeting will be held in our usual meeting location at the Centeq Building room 216 (located in Suite B). The meeting will feature a guest speaker, so if more people than usual show up we might move to room 212 , which is also located in Suite B (just down the hall from room 216). Please remember that parking is free at the Centeq building. If you are… Read More →


ASPRS recently posted information on available scholarships for student and faculty members. The student scholarships are for both graduate and undergraduates, and provide a good opportunity to get some recognition for your hard work (not to mention some funds). See below for a breakdown of the scholarship information: Official Website Due date for applications: October 18, 2013 (most scholarships require official transcripts, so remember to start your applications early) Undergraduate Student Scholarship Opportunities: Altenhofen ($2000.00) Anson ($2000.00) Behrens ($2000.00) Fischer ($2000.00) DigitalGlobe (Potential For $20,000 Worth Of Imagery) Moffitt… Read More →

And We’re Back!!

We hope that the semester has been treating y’all well so far! Our members have been busy this summer working on abstracts for the regional fall conference and for the national conference this coming spring. For more details about either of these events visit: In other news, we noticed our club e-mail address has not been functioning properly. So, if you tried to contact us over the summer (or perhaps even the spring) we most likely did not receive the message. We would like to apologize for any… Read More →

Fun With The Terrestrial Lidar System

A Few weeks ago, Tony and I decided to refresh our knowledge on how to operate our terrestrial lidar scanner before collecting some data with the unit in the field…  

GIS Day 2012

Next week, the Texas A&M University Libraries and a number of other organizations will be celebrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day. Activities for this celebration will be held on Tuesday November 13th and Wednesday November 14th. GIS day seeks to highlight GIS technologies through demonstrations and presentations based on student and faculty research. A schedule of all of the activities planned for GIS day can be found here. There will also be a student poster exhibition on Wednesday. Students can submit a poster of their research utilizing GIS… Read More →